Proudly Namibian – in the words of RMA Followers

In our 31st year of Independence, we at Renaissance Medical Aid decided to celebrate our unique and amazing culture by asking our social media followers what makes them proudly Namibian. We were not disappointed by the thousands of responses. Here are a few of our favourites:

Thandi Kalonda: Being Namibian for me is more a feeling that I even struggle to put in words, but its like that sense of HOME, a sense of belonging somewhere in this world and its Namibia my pride. It’s the different cultures and tribes that we are constantly learning about each other daily and every Namibia is proud of who they are and their different cultures.

Joana Katty Kauko: Being Namibian means being a part of a beautiful country, a beautiful nation with different tribes and cultures, a country that is not only known to its people but to all the people across the world, a tourist attraction to many countries.

lubowski13: To be Namibian means to be an individual, but one that forms part of a whole. It means to celebrate our diversity in a way that promotes understanding and to focus on the challenges facing our country. Being Namibian is to be complex, dynamic and carrying the spirit of Namibia wherever I go.

davidisntdead: To me, being Namibian is that smile you give a stranger, just because it’s raining. It’s the feeling of joy we experience watching the country turn green with new life. Being Namibian means having faith that tomorrow will always be a little better than today. It is knowing that all of our hard work and struggles, failures and successes take us one step closer to becoming a better nation.

nii10iita: A Namibian heart can bring a revolutionary form of energy to the world because of genuine bravery. Where people do not usually look on the map, hard to find yet many unmatched things to offer from high literacy and high employment and various lifetime opportunities. A privilege indeed.

George Gabriel G: Being Namibian means to celebrate our diversity in the way that promote understanding and to focus on the challenges facing my country. No matter where I go, l will always be a Namibian. I will always appreciate love and celebrate my culture. I will celebrate the human rights.

tracy_k_unotjari:  I am proud to be Namibian as it makes me feel warm and proud of where I come from when my family and friends and people around my community sing and listen to Namibian songs. When I wear clothes made in Namibia, it uplifts my spirit. I speak, walk and dress with confidence and that\’s kind of what being a Namibian is all about. My ancestors were born here, raised here and died here.

Fabian Lineekela Nakale: Being Namibian means honoring and respecting all our heroes. Being Namibian means to have responsibility to contribute to the development of my country. It means being a peace lover, loving one another as brother and sister.

Meela Meela: Being Namibian means bring your dop and your chop. \”Lets Braai!\” Being Namibian means kapana and vetkoek, lets make potjie kos, and there\’s nothing tastier than mielie pap. We have the best biltong and when it\’s raining Namibians always says \”the weather is together, let\’s have a drink\”.

shecantgo: To be Namibian is to be kind, to be welcoming, to offer help to someone in need. It speaks to a heritage so deep and culture so rich & diverse that it makes room for everyone.

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*comments have been edited for clarity and brevity

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