Quarantine approved Valentine\’s ideas

At RMA we are big supporters of Valentine’s Day. Why? Because love, and being in love, is good for your health! It’s good for your heart (literally), your mental wellbeing, and so much more.
During the global crisis caused by COVID-19, you may be struggling to think of ways to celebrate your love. Renaissance Medical Aid to the rescue, with our Top 5 quarantine approved Valentines ideas!

Go all out with an at home cinema experience

This is not your standard Netflix and Chill session. Choose your movies up-front (we recommend each of you selecting your favourite) and set the scene. Dim lights, big screen, and all the trimmings. Don’t forget popcorn, slushies and your favourite movie snacks. Then… switch off your phones. Make sure your movie night is uninterrupted.

Enjoy a couples games night

Whether it’s a cheeky card game just for couples, or standard fare board games, you can have plenty of fun pitting your wits (or your luck) against each other. And hey, who says it has to be physical boardgames. Haul out that PlayStation and challenge each other on screen. If your partner’s not that into games, LittleBigPlanet 3 is a great way to ease them into it.

Cook a dinner together

It’s all about divide and conquer. You don’t have to make the fanciest meal you’ve ever eaten, as long as you’re in it together. You could even look for fun recipes to follow on YouTube and spend the evening in your own private cooking class. And, best of all, you get to share your creation together once you’re done. Light some candles and set the table, or spread out on the floor for an indoor picnic. Don’t forget dessert! What says Valentine’s Day more than chocolate and whipped cream?

Plan a future holiday

So you can’t go away together for a romantic weekend (or two weeks, who’s counting?), but you can plan your next trip together. Whether you love the beach, enjoy game viewing and camping, or feel most at home in the mountains. Whether local is your lekker or you prefer crossing borders. Dream big, fantasise about activities, meals, BnBs you’ll share together – and put your plan into action. You’ve got plenty of time to save towards an amazing trip, so don’t hold back.

Share a pampering session

To maximise the happy hormones that come from spending quality time with your loved one, why not spend some time pampering each other. Order an aromatic massage oil, watch some YouTube tutorials in advance and the two of you can enjoy a sensual and romantic evening together. Throw on some fluffy robes, and get your strawberries and bubbles too.

Taking the time to celebrate the little things in life and to bond with your loved ones is especially important in difficult times. Take this Valentine’s Day to throw off your worries and relax in the company of your beloved.

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