What is the benefit Wallet?

The RMA benefit wallet is where all your benefit rewards accumulate. You may earn these rewards through the benefit builder roll over, Low claim rewards, Wellness rewards and Lifestyle rewards. The benefits in your wallet will remain yours for as long as you are an RMA member or until you’ve depleted the benefits. They never expire. You can use the benefits in your wallet for an array of different things, such as benefit top ups, covering co-payments or on health style items.

What Can I Use The Benefit Wallet For?

You can use your Benefit Wallet to claim any item which has a NAPPI code, from a pharmacy or other healthcare professional practice. NAPPI stands for National Pharmaceutical Product Index. Ask your pharmacy if a product has a NAPPI code, and if it does, you will be able to purchase the item and claim it back from your Benefit Wallet. For a list of everyday items with a NAPPI code.

You can use your Benefit Wallet to top up on your benefit that may be depleted. Follow the below “How to claim” “Rejected claim” guide to find out more.

You can use your Benefit Wallet to cover co-payments and claim back any co-payments of medical claims for services obtained from Registered Medical facilities and Providers you may have had to pay out of your pocket.

You may use your Benefit Wallet to cover your monthly premiums, If you have saved up enough benefit points into your wallet, you can request a premium break! During this time, you won’t have to pay your medical aid premium, as the cost will be covered from your available Benefit Wallet points.

Some elective procedures may not always be covered by your medical aid product. With the RMA benefit wallet, you can claim these procedures through your Benefit Wallet, provided that the treatment and services are obtained from a Registered Medical Provider and or / facility.

How To Get Rewarded Into My Benefit Wallet!

The RMA benefit builders allow members to buy increased benefits on top of their current product, from Esteem care and up. At the end of the benefit year, 80% of your unused Benefit Builder benefits will roll over into your wallet, so you don’t lose what you don’t use.

Each RMA product has its own low claim threshold. If you’re a low claimer, and claim below your threshold, the remaining benefits in your low claim amount will carry over to the RMA Benefit Wallet in the new benefit year!

RMA rewards healthy living, if you go for your wellness tests on a yearly basis, to ensure that you’re healthy, RMA rewards you with points into your Benefit Wallet!

RMA rewards a healthy lifestyle. From 2022 onwards, RMA members can earn points for participating in health-promoting activities where RMA is involved. Keep an eye on the RMA social media platforms and email communication for the next RMA Lifestyle reward event.