Medical aid benefits for your employees​

Over the years, many companies have realised that their employees are key factors to their success. As one of the most important assets in a company, employee health and wellness should be paramount in a company’s benefits as this affects the output. Offering medical aid cover to your employees relays a message that you care about their health and overall improves your company’s reputation. Protecting the health of your workforce contributes towards a higher degree of employee engagement, including lower absenteeism, increased presenteeism and the productivity of the company. 

There are many advantages that come with offering your employees medical aid packages under a group cover. Companies should consider buying group cover medical aid for the following reasons:

  1. Employees benefit (from benefits)

Many individuals find it a grueling task to shop for medical aid that suits all their needs and affordability. By providing your workforce comprehensive group cover, you ensure that they get additional benefits at a reasonable price. 

  1. Hiring and Retention

Adding medical aid packages to your work benefits can become a powerful tool for recruiting new employees as well as retaining existing employees. When you empower your workforce with attractive benefits, you can get higher morale and productivity and attract the best of the best to join your company.

  1. Company Culture

Employees work hard to ensure companies have maximum production. When companies join a medical aid as a collective, they usually subsidize the medical aid contributions from their salary package. This contribution alone can make employees feel that the company cares for their wellbeing and does not treat them as just a resource. Showing how you value the health and wellness of your employees can create a people-first company culture that is beneficial for both the employer and employee.

  1. Wellness programmes​

It’s important to make sure that the medical aid you are considering offers additional services when you join under a group cover. Unlike other medical aids, RMA has wellness programmes for employees that form part of their additional benefits and are offered on site. Wellness screenings consist of carefully selected tests to help employees get a clear picture of their health and can assist in early detection of chronic conditions such as hypertension, heart disease and diabetes. Screenings to members can include:

  • – A blood pressure test
  • – A blood glucose test
  • – A cholesterol test
  • – A BMI test

You do not need to be a large business to offer your employees medical aid cover as a benefit. Many owners of small to medium sized companies now offer comprehensive medical aid cover to their workforce. RMA, being one of Namibia’s leading medical aid schemes, has over 800 companies offering their employees comprehensive medical aid cover. We have over 25 years’ experience in the medical aid field, which is why it is able to offer group covers for employees that suit their lifestyle and their pockets. 

Here are some of the benefits your workforce gets by joining RMA:

  • – Tailor Made products to suit each member’s needs.
  • – Benefit Wallet for co-payments, pharmaceutical items.
  • – Benefit Builder to enhance medical aid coverage.
  • – Dependents remain on the principal members Medical Aid until the age of 25.
  • – Retrenchments Protection whereby premiums can be paid from the benefit wallet. 
  • – Three month of medical aid cover for dependents in case the principal members passes away.
  • – Low-claim members, that claim below their threshold get rewarded.
  • – Members get rewarded for participating in Wellness Days.
  • – Child Dependent Pregnancies are covered.

With the ever-looming uncertainty of public health systems, offering your employees medical aid cover gains them access to private medical aid. This provides employees quicker access to treatment which limits absenteeism and keeps them motivated as they have security and peace of mind knowing they have access to good quality healthcare.

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