Product Updates 2022

On the 12th of November 2021, Renaissance Medical Aid launched our new product updates for 2022. We spent much of 2021 researching changing needs, conducting surveys with our clients and collecting feedback through our social pages and call centres. The feedback gave us some great insights, and we made a few changes based on the results. Here’s what’s new.

Inclusive Base Benefit Builder

The Renaissance Medical Aid Benefit Builder is a long-standing and unique feature of RMA’s plans. It allows members to extend their medical cover with specific benefits, such as HIV treatment and counselling, extended optical benefits, or mental health care.

NEW! In our 2022 product updates, however, families on Prestige, Status, Caliber and Esteem Care have a new inclusive base benefit builder of N$450. This will automatically cover co-payments and benefit shortfalls within your available benefit.

New Benefits

IUCD devices and implants. Women are often the drivers of family planning, and women’s health needs are top of mind at RMA. For this reason, we have included specific benefits for birth control methods outside of the annual day-to-day limits.

Multivitamins and minerals. The global pandemic has made immune support more important than ever before, and awareness of the benefits of multivitamins and minerals is on the rise. At RMA, we believe prevention is better than cure, which is why we cover vitamin and mineral supplements.

COVID-19 rewards for vaccinated members. COVID-19 claimed the lives of 54 RMA members in 2021 – a fact which we greatly regret and our condolences go out to the families of these members. The pandemic has also been a major cause of eating into RMA’s fund reserves, which we have worked so hard to build up. For this reason, we are offering additional rewards to RMA members who help to ease the burden, by getting vaccinated.

Male contraceptives. At RMA we are very aware that contraception does not come cheap, and men are as invested in family planning and health care as women. As such, in 2022, we are introducing cover for male contraceptives.

Diabetic and Cardiac cover. Rather than covering these two most common health problems which our members face as chronic conditions, we have moved them directly into the extended benefits category. This allows our members to enjoy huge benefits, without the risk of benefits depleting before the end of the year.

Rule Changes

Children stay children for longer. Our children are growing up in a more difficult time. At RMA we acknowledge this by allowing children to remain on their parents’ Medical Aid cover as a child dependent up to the age of 25 years, if they are not yet financially independent. This allows our younger members a little more time to find their feet before they need to join as a main member.
Supporting social distancing. Doing simple check-ups via the phone has become much more common during the COVID-19 pandemic, and these costs have historically not been covered by medical aids. But, from 2022 GP and Psychology telecommunications are covered by RMA under the professional benefit.

Product updates 2022

COVID-19 treatment, prevention and care has resulted in one of the biggest fund payout years RMA has ever had, resulting in a slight drop in our communal fund reserves. This has meant that we have had to increase our existing product premiums. With tough times in mind, we have kept this increase as low as possible, while adding more ways for you, our members, to earn rewards, claim extra benefits, and supplement costs.

Base price increases are as follows:


2021 base price

2022 base price

Prestige Care N$3665/month N$3905/month
Status Care N$3170/month N$3375/month
Caliber Care N$2635/month N$2805/month
Esteem Care N$1790/month N$1905/month
Evolve Care N$1240/month N$1320/month
Premiere Care N$655/month N$700/month

Below is the full annual report and RMA Product Update for 2022.

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