Medical Aid Benefit Builder

Each family or individual has unique medical requirements, therefore RMA offers add-on Benefit Builder options, which will cover certain medical expenses over and above that which your medical aid benefit option covers.

There are several different Benefit Builder options, with varied monthly contributions, depending on what your personal requirements may be for extra medical cover. The Benefit Builder options include cover for day-to-day medical costs such as general medical expenses, medication, dentistry, optical, and transport & accommodation.

At the end of the benefit year, if you have not used all of the benefits in your Benefit Builder, 80% of the unused benefits will roll-over into your Benefit Wallet, to be used in the following benefit year. The remaining benefits will roll-over months after the end of the benefit year, to account for any outstanding claims that still need to be processed.

Unfortunately, the Benefit Builder options are not available on Premiere Care and Evolve Care.