Top 10 Reasons to join RMA

RMA has been proudly servicing the Namibian community’s medical needs for 25 years. We are immensely proud of the products we offer, and the perks and benefits that we offer, that are uniquely RMA. We’ve been highlighting 25 great reasons to join RMA the last three months, and to wrap it up we bring you our Top 10!​​


With more than 30 umbrella options and a generous corporate group rating, we’re confident RMA will come out tops in any price comparison. We do value for money. ​

​Family Planning​

Male and female contraceptives are covered by RMA, because we believe you should have the control to grow your family, when the time is right.​

​Benefit Wallet​

Get rid of those frustrating co-payments and shortfalls by living healthy, and earning points through the RMA rewards program, which can be used to top up your benefits and cover the medical shortfalls. You can be rewarded for ll manner of things, such as adhering to your chronic medication schedule, getting vaccinated, or doing your annual health checks. ​

​International Cover​

Travelling abroad? We have you covered, at no extra cost you will receive N$10 million international cover to ensure your health, even outside of Namibia.​

Benefit builders

You know your health better than anyone else. With the RMA benefit builders, you’re given the freedom to plan your medical aid to suite you as an individual.

Low claim bonus

Medical Aid should be for assurance and peace of mind in case you need it. If you don’t, we reward you by rolling over some of those benefits to be used in the future.

Mental Health Revolution

RMA offers 21 days of mental health treatment a year, whether as an inhouse patient or out-patient, allowing our members the best in mental health care.

Taking care of your children and grandchildren

Children are growing up in a more difficult time, at RMA we acknowledge this by allowing children to remain on their parents medical Aid cover as a child dependent up to the age of 25 years if they are not yet financially independent. In addition, If your daughter is a child dependent on your RMA plan and finds herself becoming a mother, you can rest assured, RMA will have it covered.

Easy to customize

With 6 options to choose from and a whole host of benefit boosters, reward programs and a benefit wallet, getting exactly the cover you need for yourself and your family has never been easier than with RMA. ​In addition, we offer an extended medical benefit which provides you the peace of mind, that your life sustaining medication will be covered should you be diagnosed with a life threatening condition – without depleting your day-to-day benefits!

Offices in all major centres

No matter where you are in Namibia, there’s an RMA branch ready to assist you. Find our branches and contact details here:

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