Necessary protocols to consider as an RMA member, should you need to be tested for Covid-19

This RMA blog post addresses the necessary protocols that you as an RMA member will have to consider, should you need to be tested for Covid-19.

At Renaissance Medical Aid Fund, we are aware that the Covid-19 pandemic is a growing concern for many, and that the possibility of becoming infected may have you worried about your medical aid benefits. We would like to put your mind at ease that as an RMA member, you will be covered in the unfortunate event that you test positive for Covid-19, because your health comes first.

General Testing

RMA will cover your Covid-19 test after you have received your doctor’s referral, which will be issued to you in accordance with the appropriate guidelines. The test will be covered regardless of the result, cover will come from your day-to-day benefits. All you have to do is get pre-authorisation before getting tested. The administrator has set up an email address purely for Covid-19 related authorisations, therefore, please send an email to to request authorisation for Covid-19 testing. Kindly avoid coming in to the Prosperity offices to receive the authorisation, for your safety as well as the safety of our staff.

In order to determine whether you have properly recovered from Covid-19, you will need to be re-tested. RMA will also cover this test from your day-to-day benefits. If you are in hospital, however, the test will be paid as part of the Hospitalisation.

Medication that needs to be used after discharge and if you are Covid-19 negative will be paid from your available day-to-day benefits

Pre-Op Testing

If you are scheduled for an operation, you will automatically get tested for Covid-19 before your operation. In this case, RMA will cover your test from your In-Hospital benefits.


If you do not get admitted into hospital, and you are able to recover from Covid-19 at home, your medication will be covered from your extended medication benefit, provided that we receive your test results and doctor’s prescription. You will be provided with a medication basket that contains all the necessary medication to aid your recovery from Covid-19. RMA will also provide you with a Pulse Oximeter, which is a device used to measure your blood oxygen level. The Pulse Oximeter is important in determining whether your oxygen levels are high enough, and can help you monitor your condition so that you know whether to consult with a doctor or not.
In the case that you are hospitalised with Covid-19, RMA will cover your medication from your In-Hospital benefits.


Should you need to be hospitalised with Covid-19, your hospitalistion will be covered from your In-Hospital benefits, subject to your available benefits.

If your benefits become depleted, RMA can make use of your Benefit Wallet to cover your expenses, should you have funds available. However, RMA will only do this upon your approval.

RMA hopes to ensure that your healthcare experience is smooth and efficient, so that you may recover well and stress-free in the unfortunate case that you get infected with Covid-19. Keep an eye on this blog page for more information on RMA’s guidelines and processes, as well as industry-related news and Coronavirus news!

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